Wedding bells ringing for Saba Qamar.

Sabahat Qamar, or popularly known as Saba Qamar is a well known Pakistani actress who has appeared in many TV dramas as well as advertisements, along with hosting the famous reality show ‘hum sab ummeed se hai’ on Pakistan TV (Ptv), which is a political satire. She is a renowned actress with both beauty and brains. She made her debut with ‘main aurat hoon’. Saba is a beautiful actress, who has been seen portraying different characters on various TV soaps and serials. She has got good looks and is bold enough to play varied roles onscreen. Saba had a really tough time in establishing herself in the TV industry; she has been a struggling actress for long. She is basically a model-turned-actress. The 28 year old actress is very hard working and focuses on her career. She has got excellent acting skills and has won many awards, as well.

Beautiful Saba in blue

The news about this popular silver screen face, Saba Qamar, tying the knot is in the air recently. She is planning to get married after Eid. Therefore, at present she is pre occupied shopping for her wedding day and other wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, she is mostly seen attending all family functions and other occasions related to her marriage. It has been revealed that she is getting married to Mr. Farhan Ahmed. He is Saba’s cousin, and lives in Punjab. In fact, Saba is known to have chosen her life partner long time ago. Farhan, the man of her dreams is an engineer by profession. He is the lucky guy who is going to marry Saba, leaving many hearts to break! Check out Saba Qamar’s wedding pics

Saba-the gorgeous bride

The pretty faced starlet has been acting since five years and finally she announced her plans of getting married! She decided on getting married after Eid-ul-azha and therefore is busy on wrapping up her pending work and photo shoots. She is keen on completing her pending work as soon as possible. It is learnt that this ageless beauty has already had her engagement to her life partner.

Saba with her would be husband

Currently she is seen on TV shows such as ‘thakan’ and ‘shehrar shehzadi’. Saba may quit her acting career once she settles down with her husband. However, she says that it would depend on her husband, that is, whether she would continue with her acting career or not. Many fans will get disheartened on hearing about the end of her on-screen appearances. But, all depends on the man of her dreams!

Saba in her Wedding Dress

Saba and her evergreen smile

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